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LaceTastic - Speed Lacing System

LaceTastic .....Go ahead...Lace it up!!

The best lacing system for your hockey skates. Step into and lace your skates in seconds. You will be able to tie your skates tighter and faster than you could ever imagine.

After coaching my oldest son in novice hockey (7 to 9 year olds) and tying what seemed to be an endless number of skates before every practice and game, I came to the conclusion that there had to be a better way. Tying your own skates or your child skates is a pain in the (you know what I mean). The problems with tying skates include:

  • The boots are stiff
  • You need the strength of ten men to get them tight enough
  • The laces fall apart at the end (making it mission impossible to thread it through the holes)
  • It's hard to get your feet into or out of your skates without taking the lace out of the top 3 or four eyeloops

Bottom line is the lacing methods used today are outdated and it is time for a new faster, easier method.

LaceTastic solves all of the above problems

LaceTastic is a lacing system which will allow you to tie your skates tight and fast everytime you lace up. You can step into your skates without ever taking your lace out of an eyeloop.
Our patent pending lacing system is one of a kind! You will be able to tie your skates up in less than a minute and get out of your skates in less than 10 seconds. The best thing about LaceTastic is we have taken all the muscle out of tying your skates. So well designed, a seven year old can tie his/her skates tighter than Mom or Dad ever could. Our lacing kit comes complete with a high quality coated hockey lace that has a break point of 600lbs, a vinyl gripped steel pull tool that takes the strain off your hands, and four rugged ABS cord locks that allows you to tie your bow without worrying about the lace slipping back (a must for young hockey players....and Mom’s as well).

Using LaceTastic
1. Step into your skates!
2. Pull right side tight....then left!
3. Tie your normal knot and bow....and you're ready to go!!!!

LaceTastic .....Go ahead...Lace it up!!!

Open boot for easy access Never having to take your laces out of the eyeloops of your skates and having your skate open up wide (as shown to the left) allows you to enter and exit your skate effortlessly. Only LaceTastic offers this feature!
Slide your foot into your wide open skate. The picture to the left illustrates just how wide your skate boot can be opened!
Pull back the tongue of your skate back towards your leg.
Pull out the slack in your skate lace. You do not have to pull hard. The pull tool will do all the hard work!
Hook the “Pull Tool” around the knot that you tied at the end of your skate lace (right side). Pull on the bottom lace tight as you will be surprised at how tight your skate will become!
Slide the cord lock down the lace to stop the lace from sliding back.
Hook the “Pull Tool” around the knot that you tied at the end of your skate lace (left side). Pull on the top lace as tight as you like.....
Slide the cord lock down the lace to stop the lace from sliding back.
At this point, your lace will not slide back (this is one of the major problems young players have when tying their skates)
You may now tie a normal knot ........
....with a bow to finish off the lace!