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Raptor - Edge Enhancer

Raptor - Edge Enhancer

For players skates.
Touch up your skates anytime, anywhere.
Renews your edge instantly.
Two strokes down your blade and you're ready to go!

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LaceTastic .....Go ahead...Lace it up!!

LaceTastic Speed Lacing System

The best lacing system for your hockey skates. Step into and lace your skates in seconds. You will be able to tie your skates tighter and faster than you could ever imagine.

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The Stick

The Stick - Skate Sharpness Tester

Check to see if your skates are sharp. This simple, easy-to-use product will tell you if your skates are sharp before you step on the ice and find out when it's too late. Don't ever be caught stepping on to the ice with dull or improperly sharpened skates again.

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The Stone

The Stone - Side Honing Stone

A pocket honing stone that can be used to touch up your skate blade between sharpenings.

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