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Raptor - Edge Enhancer

Raptor - Edge Enhancer

Touch up your skates anytime, anywhere.
Renews your edge instantly.
Two strokes down your blade and you're ready to go!

Raptor will save you time and money and will bring back your edges instantly!!

How it works:

Raptor uses ultra hard ceramics that renew your edges by straightening the small burr that was created by using your skates. This produces a razor sharp skate every time.

Self-sharpening knives (like WiltshireT ) use the same technology.

Two strokes down your blade.. that's all it takes!!!

Our number one selling sharpener!!

Comes complete with instruction card and our exclusive skate sharpness tester The Stick.

Designed for players skates only.


Hold Raptor at a slight angle, align the blade between the hardened alumina ceramic dowels, apply a firm pressure, and slide back from toe to heel. Two strokes are all you need. Your edges will be sharper!

If you're on the bench, have a teammate do your skates, or rest your skate across your knee. You don't even have to take them off!!! This product is a must for every trainer!

Rather than use your fingernails to determine if your skates are sharp, try using "The Stick". It can be attached to your keychain or hockey bag, so that it will always be handy to check the sharpness of your skates. The Stick is included when you purchase Raptor.